Available Extensions

polymake supports an extension system for writing and maintaining outside the distribution. Please contact the extension's authors if you have questions.

  • Silke Horn/Andreas Paffenholz:
  • Matthias Walter: With this extension you can test an integer matrix for total unimodularity. If the answer is “no”, it can return the row/column indices of a submatrix with |det| >= 2. It can also test for the related properties (strong) unimodularity, (strong) k-modularity and the Dantzig property. See here for more information on implementation and theory.
  • Matthias Walter: This extension can compute nonnegative slack matrix factorizations from extended formulations of polytopes and vice versa. See here for more information.
  • Sven Herrmann: QuasiDec. This extension contains an algorithm for computing the block decomposition of a quasi-median graph obtained from a set of partitions or a sequence alignment.
  • Sven Herrmann and Andreas Spillner: CoMRiT. This extensions contains a new application metric introducing finite metric spaces as objects. The core feature is an algorithm to compute a realisation of a finite metric space using the tight-span, as described in Herrmann, Moulton, Spillner: Computing Realizations of Finite Metric Spaces.
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