Software using the callable library

This is an incomplete list of software using our callable library. Please contact the extensions authors if you have questions.

Authors: Thomas Bächler and Sebastian Gutsche

PolymakeInterface is a GAP-Package that provides a link to the callable library of the CAS polymake. It is not supposed to do any work by itself, but to provide the methods in polymake to GAP. All the functions in this package are supposed to be capsuled by functions in the Convex package, which provides needed structures and datatypes. Also the functions the have nicer names. This fact also causes that there are no doumentations for functions in this package. To get an overview about the supported functions, one might look at the polymake_main.cpp file or simply message the author. Working with this package alone without Convex is not recommended.

Authors: Janko Böhm and Yue Ren


Overview on software projects based on GAP polymake and Singular.

Authors: Skip Jordan, Michael Joswig and Lars Kastner

mptopcom is a software developed at TU Berlin and Hokkaido University for computing triangulations of point configurations in parallel.

mptopcom wiki page

Authors: Lars Kastner and Marta Panizzut

mpha is a software developed at TU Berlin for computing hyperplane arrangements in parallel.

mpha wiki page

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